What is AVID?

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a four-year elective course that creates a community of students and prepares them to be accepted in to, and graduate from, a four-year college or university.

Who is Eligible?

AVID is a program that, above all, must be chosen by the student. The focus of our efforts is on first generation to college students, those under-represented in colleges and universities, and students facing significant challenges. These often are students who are very bright but not performing to their abilities in middle or high school.

To be admitted to the program, students must:

  1. Fit the profile as detailed above
  2. Be determined to be successful in school
  3. Apply, be interviewed, and be accepted into the program

What Happens in AVID?

Starting in 9th grade, AVID focuses on the basic skills that will be necessary to successfully make it through high school and college. Students are required to take Cornell Notes in all classes; carry a 3” binder with all their class notes, handouts, and papers; do twice weekly tutorials, working with college tutors; and help to build a supportive and engaged community of learners. We also focus on building vocabulary, test-taking skills, public speaking skills, and strengthening analytical thinking. By 10th grade students are required to take at least one honors class, and by 11th grade be in at least one honors or Advanced Placement (AP) class. Finally, seniors are guided through the college and financial aid application process step-by-step. All of these requirements help to build community and create students who will successfully face the rigors of college and be able follow their dreams.

Who is the AVID Team at GWHS?

  • The AVID Teachers include Matthew Webb, Larry Tak, Jennifer Young, and Barbara Blinick.
  • The AVID support team also includes teachers Andre Higginbotham, Ed Marquez, Shani Nelson, Tom Reddy, Rudy Choy, and Martin Wolf.
  • Counselors Vivian Chinn and Efrain Orozco-Flores work with all four years of AVID students.

Where can I get more information?

For further information, please contact Barbara Blinick, the AVID Site Coordinator at (415)750-8400 x 13227.