Social Studies

Social Studies Teachers

Washington High School's Social Studies Department offers a wide array of classes.

All 9th graders take one semester of College and Career Education, which teaches students about how to graduate high school, and different possibilities for after.

9th graders also have the choice of taking Ethnic Studies. It deals with race and racism, engaging students' experiences to create a more humanizing community.

All 10th graders take Modern World History, which covers state standard curriculum from the 1700s to today.

11th graders have a choice of either US History or Advanced Placement US History. Both classes cover state standard curriculum and cover US history from the colonial period to the present.

12th graders all take American Democracy for the fall semester (covering the state curriculum for government) and Economics (covering the state curriculum) for the spring semester. Students have the option of taking Honors American Democracy and Advanced Placement Micro and Macro-Economics (normally two semesters, but in one here at Washington).

Seniors also have a few additional options, including Psychology, AP Psychology, Women and Gender Studies, and Culinary Geography (cooking and culture combined in one class).